Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


A cookie policy is a declaration to your users on what cookies are active on your website, what user data they track, for what purpose, and where in the world this data is sent. Whereas most of the remaining privacy policy may be static, the cookies used on a website are dynamic and might change often.


A Cookies Policy is used to inform your site's visitors that you're using cookies on your website, web app, or mobile app. It should include information about the types of cookies you're using, how you're using them, and how users can control the way cookies are managed on their devices.


According to the EU Cookies Directive, you must post a Cookies Notice on your website that is separate from your Privacy Policy.

Your use of cookies must also be compliant with the EU Cookies Law. In addition to this, anyone who visits your website should be:

  • Notified that you're using cookies

  • Given information about the type of cookies you're using

  • Informed of what options are available to them if they want to opt out of having your website's cookies stored on their devices

From the context of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cookies that contain enough information to identify an individual are categorized under personal data. Cookies that are used for advertising, gathering analytics, and other functional services (such as chat tools) fall under the category of personal data.

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